Jigsaw Puzzle

The other night my husband and I had to work on my system. I had a rough time. I was under physical attack, and ended up meeting three new alters.

The first one apparently already had been ministered to. She is about four years old. She came to look at me up close, and then presented me with a little wooden box. Jesus led her by the hand and took her to the House of Joy. She waved at me as I opened the box. It was a sunflower pin (I’m very partial to sunflowers, but this was entirely unexpected). I was so touched. And relieved: I was afraid it was a box of her memories.

Next one came out, and she was very distraught. She was me at about eight years old. She had some memories of stuff I’ve never seen before, but I know where I was. Being kept captive in the dark in a cubicle with only a cot, and observed by a few men who were shouting at me and cursing from a rectangular window (about 4’ wide x 18” tall) up near the ceiling. That window was my only source of light. I don’t know who they were, but I was in Tulare, California, with my mother’s mother. My parents left my sister and me there while they moved house. I didn’t see much of my sister, though.

I recall that during that visit I went out for a walk in the neighborhood by myself. I remember a sidewalk fair – tables set up selling books and other items. I had a nice time – I have always enjoyed taking walks by myself. On my way back to my grandma’s house a man who was walking behind me quickened his pace to catch up with me. He asked me if my mother was home, and I said no, only my grandma. He asked me to give her a message. He smiled as he said, “please tell your grandma I will be happy to come and f**k with her in her garden any time.” I said okay and he turned and walked away. I had no idea what that word meant, but it was easy enough to remember. When I got back to the house (less than two blocks away), I gave my grandma the message. She immediately turned a sickly ashy color, and looked like she was going to vomit. I was worried but she dismissed me so I went to do something else, leaving her to her distress.

It doesn’t seem like a stretch of the imagination to think that something really bad was going on there, and these people must have been involved with my grandma prior to my arrival. I think there has to be a connection between the men who were keeping me in that dark room and screaming at me, and the man who gave me that message. It seems clear he also knew my mother (that’s another post for another time, but I think it’s all related).

Back to the present time:

We encountered a very strong demon that attacked this little alter; our Guardians came to our rescue, and we also had to call in angels. It took a lot to kill it, but it’s gone (yes they can be killed in the inside place – we’ve seen it many times). My little alter gave the rest of those memories to Jesus, and He healed her. After that He took her to the House of Joy.

One other alter was in her 20’s. She was very distressed, and did not want to talk to my husband. She didn’t trust any man. She had a demon in her, and after it was gone, our Guardians put her in the hospital.

After this, I no longer had the pains that were being inflicted on my physical body in the form of an attack on my entire left side.

Peace and love,



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Pastora Covert

Just a daughter of my Abba, hoping to introduce Him around.

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