“Like a flitting sparrow, like a flying swallow, so a curse without cause shall not alight.” Proverbs 26:2 NKJV


WARNING – if you have DID/MPD or are a victim of SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) or TBMC (Trauma-based mind control), please consider asking someone to be with you and pray before reading.

(Note: If you are unfamiliar with DID/MPD or dealing with the inner landscape where our alters reside when they are not presenting, you may wish to check out my page on The Shining Man with Hurt Hands, or other resources on this site.)

It is not always a good time going into my “inside space”. In fact I sometimes have anxiety about it, and occasionally drag my heels. Lately new alters have been coming up and making themselves heard, and that usually forces me to pay attention. Sometimes my husband notices the changes and asks me who I am. Usually he gets a direct answer. Sometimes the alter is cagey; this is almost always followed by a trip inside to find out what’s going on. It is uncomfortable to have my system hijacked by an alter I have not even met. I’m blessed that my husband can handle this, and treats all of us with love and respect as we work to get things sorted out.

However, as I recently discovered, hijacking – or at least attempted hijacking – can apparently come from outside the system as well.

A couple of weeks ago, as I was drifting off to sleep at night, I heard a man talking to me from “inside”. I heard his name, but I was too tired to get up. In the morning I tried to remember who he was, but I couldn’t. I didn’t know if he was an alter or not, but I was busy packing for a trip, so I put off going “inside”.

In fact I didn’t even remember to tell my husband until after we returned from our trip. He urged me to go “inside” to find out what was up.

Even before I could settle down, I was assaulted by a raging spirit that wanted me to start tearing things up and destroying anything within reach (I didn’t act on it, but it was very disconcerting). I knew it was not inside of me, but I needed help. So I agreed as my husband prayed over me; he commanded it to go and it left. Experience tells me that when opposition like that comes against us, there is going to be victory in Yeshua/Jesus!

When I got inside, there was a man standing in front of the hospital with his hands tied behind his back. He had dark hair that had appeared to be bleached blonde on the top but the roots were showing. He looked like he was in his mid-30s, or perhaps older (it was hard to tell). He looked like he was half cartoon (in my spiritual realm, we have learned that a cartoon always signifies the presence of demons). I was happy and relieved to see that my guardians already had bound this man’s hands and had him under guard; he wasn’t going to be allowed to do anything to cause harm! In fact, he was not even allowed to speak throughout the whole ordeal.

I suggested that Water of Life would get rid of the dark ones. Immediately my guardians got him into an isolation room in the hospital, and then they started shooting him with Water of Life (if there are dark ones, they cannot survive this). As I watched them spraying him down, I saw his outer cartoon skin peel off like a body-shaped curl of wallpaper. It was then I realized this man was not an alter at all, but an intruder whom I recognized from his pictures. To be certain of his identification, I asked Yeshua/Jesus three times if it was the man I thought he was, and He said yes.

In order to understand what happened next, a little background is needed:

This same man presents himself as a Christian and as an expert on DID/MPD, but he is worse than a false brother; he actually preys on survivors of SRA and TBMC, acting as if he can help and cure them. He gains their trust and they open up to him and give him access to their systems. This gives him power over them. He uses demons to “heal” them, thereby complicating their problems and putting them further at risk. He is very dangerous to multis who have suffered from SRA or TBMC, and may even be a programmer. I am convinced that he is, at the very least, a handler. He can control a multi by accessing her programming, and this can be harmful, or even fatal.

I have personally helped other multis who have been under his “care”, and have learned that he never instructs them to test the spirits, but insists that they trust him and his “helpers”. And so these poor little ones have fallen victim to false angels, false Yeshua/Jesus, false inner landscapes and other torments that are actually keeping them in bondage! This man even charges money for this “service” and many who have sought his help have been told that it could take months or years to get them “healed”. Some of his “clients” have been physically abused and battered by demons under his direction. Some have been threatened and even attacked in the astral.

I unwittingly got on his radar because I helped some of his clients escape from false inside spaces where he had led them and was working with them. I also taught them how to defend their inside space and discern spirits. The fallout has been horrendous for me personally.

I am a victim of SRA and TBMC myself, so this means that I, too, can suffer attack. A couple of months ago, for two days he and some “friends” made a concerted attack against me in the astral. I was unable to function at all, with migraine and spine pain so severe I could not get out of bed. The pain was overwhelming to the point I could not even pray beyond crying out to Jesus to help me.

Over the course of those two days, a dear sister multi who is also a survivor of SRA and TBMC was attacked in the SAME WAY at the SAME TIME! She, too had been on this man’s radar and some of his “associates” had traveled in the astral to spy and attack her. So the two of us joined together with another strong prayer warrior, and through intense spiritual warfare, we were able to start getting some relief immediately. That dear prayer warrior has been praying for us every day since then, and all of us have begun to cut off all astral travelers who try to invade our space. The security of our spaces and our precious alters has been much better since then! Praise the Lord!

A couple of weeks ago I found a hole ripped in my inside landscape, up in the sky, and saw that a group of people were spying, but the leader was a man who had changed his physical appearance through body modification so that he looked like a devil with horns. He seemed very surprised that I could see him. I took authority and cut his silver cord. I quickly asked Yeshua/Jesus to shut that “peep hole” so the devil man and the others could no longer see me. Not only did Yeshua/Jesus close up that space, but He put a seal over it with a blazing white cross over it. Hallelujah!

Note: You can tell astral travelers by the silver cord that trails off their bodies. I now routinely cut the cords of any astral travelers who try to visit me because they are not coming on the Lord’s business, but are trying to spy or do the enemy’s work against me.

And now, back to my most recent inside space invader…

I asked Yeshua/Jesus what to do with my unwelcome visitor, and Yeshua/Jesus Himself went to the man, grabbed him by his shoulders, and tossed him up into blackness  that looked like a black hole in the sky, and I heard the words: “outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth”.

I am purposely not going to name this man. However, I have included enough information in my description of his actions to make this a cautionary tale; be certain that you know the Lord is leading you to someone for help as a multi. And even then, do not collapse yourself into anyone! Don’t give anyone absolute power over you or your spiritual space! That is a place reserved for the Lord.

Because Yeshua/Jesus Himself evicted this man, I know he won’t be back to bother me or anyone else, apparently. God takes it very seriously when someone attacks His own little ones.

For more on battle for your inside space, I have written earlier posts that may help:

The learning curve is quite steep, and there is so much to do. But I praise the Lord that He will not allow evil to overcome us as we heal from the abuse and suffering that caused us to become multiples. I trust Him to take care of us, no matter what comes our way. Because…

Yeshua/Jesus ALWAYS wins!!

Cate, et al.


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