Keep Getting Up

After a long siege of confusion, pain and loneliness – when it feels like we’ve been abandoned, and we don’t know what to do next, first we rest and take a breath, and remember the One who will never leave us.

You will never forsake us.


verb: forsake; 3rd person present: forsakes; past tense: forsook; gerund or present participle: forsaking; past participle: forsaken
  1. abandon (someone or something).
    “he would never forsake Tara”
    synonyms: abandon, desert, leave, leave high and dry, turn one’s back on, cast aside, break (up) with;

    jilt, strand, leave stranded, leave in the lurch, throw over;
    informalwalk out on, run out on, dump, ditch, can
    “he forsook his wife”

Every breath is a prayer. Every prayer attached to a hope, a need, a crushing weight of pain, and empathy that cannot be put into words.

You know how long it takes to break us. You must break us in order to reform us.

If that is what it takes, then crush us like sweet jasmine, Lord, until our fragrance rises to You.

Yet, You will never utterly despise us, because you promised, and You are Truth.You crush us in order to extract that which is death in us. Then you rebuild us in Your own image.

We are learning to trust You, and we have this minuscule love for You that takes so much effort, but we could not do even that if we did not know that You first loved us.

So when we suffer, when we are bruised, when it pleases you to crush us for a little while, we know that you will help us and we will be better than before.

We know that under the tender ministrations of Your brutal love, with every crushing, with every purging, with every healing and rebuilding, we will…

Keep getting up.


Published by

Pastora Covert

Just a daughter of my Abba, hoping to introduce Him around.

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