1981 Near Death Experience – Dying and Meeting Jesus

As a multiple, there were decades of not knowing what was happening to myself or my children. I cannot explain why I died, why my husband (at the time) did nothing to assist me, and why he sought no medical care for me. In speaking with a nurse practitioner afterwards, she felt I might have had a stroke, but I was only 24 and in seeming good health.

Nonetheless, there were many factors that I was unaware of at the time which could have had a deleterious effect on my health, and not the least of these was the fact that I was suicidal. This was shameful to me, because I loved Jesus. I loved my family, I had a music ministry and much to live for. It would be many years before I began to truly understand what was lying, hiding, in the bottom of a very deep place inside of me, waiting for healing.


Published by

Pastora Covert

Just a daughter of my Abba, hoping to introduce Him around.

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