Inside – The Spiritual Realm of DID

One of the hallmarks of DID is that there is an “internal” landscape.

The following excerpt is from The Shining Man with Hurt Hands:

“Seeing “Inside” – All multiples have an inner landscape of some kind. This is where a multiple can see other alters, other spiritual beings, both dark and light; buildings, bodies of water, mountains, and many other things. Some multis do not even realize that most other people do not see these things, so natural do they seem. Often these inside spaces provide a place of rest. Other times, there are battles raging.” Ellis Skolfield

When a person has experienced trauma that causes a fracture, an alter or fragment can result. God created a way for us to remain alive after such trauma by allowing the present personality to flee, and a different personality to emerge to take what the fleeing personality could not endure.

The place “inside” is not inside the head, but rather there is a place in the spiritual dimension that is common to multiples (persons who have alters), or multis. When I am working with someone who is a multi, the very first things we must do are vital to the healing process:

1. Identify the landscape, and locate the source of water.
2. Ask Jesus to come, and make sure to ask Him to repeat exactly, “Jesus Christ IS come in the flesh”.
3. Ask Jesus to assign a guardian angel to the inside space to stay there and guard all alters who are present.
4. Ask Jesus to build a house or hospital for alters that need healing.

Once these things are done, then the basic spiritual defenses are in place, and a multiple’s inner landscape will then be ready to begin to care for alters who emerge when they know or sense that healing is coming.

These defenses are foundational, but there are also protocols that multis can put in place to be sure they are not being fooled. One very important protocol is to always ask every being who is present for what we affectionately term, the pass code: “Jesus Christ IS come in the flesh”. A dark one (demon, devil, etc.) will not say it. By this you know you are confronting a dark one, or an illusion. And by this, you will know not to believe what such a creature says.

There is tremendous power in this spiritual realm “inside” for the Lord’s word to manifest before our “eyes”, and the fact is that as long as we have put ourselves and our inside space under Jesus’ authority, JESUS ALWAYS WINS.

This is not all the information one needs to work “inside”, but it is a starting place. Please feel free to comment or ask questions.


Pastora Covert


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Pastora Covert

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One thought on “Inside – The Spiritual Realm of DID”

  1. Thank you.

    And, I just re-read this after almost a year and was amazed at how much more I gleaned this time around.
    I think I needed to wrap my soul around some more principles this year first. Amazing work. Thank you, sister!

    David NY

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