By Pastora Covert

There is a message that occasionally floats around Facebook (FB), which reads as follows:

“Recommended by a lawyer. The violation of privacy can be punished by law. Note: Facebook is now a public entity. All members must post a note like this. If you haven’t issued a statement at least once, it will be technically understood that you allow the use of your photos, as well as the information contained in your updates of profile status.

“I declare that I have not given my permission to Facebook to use my photos or any information in my profile, my updates and my statuses!

“Make a copy and paste! Do not share!!!”

As a rule, I do not share spam or other posts that play on the emotions, support cancer, promise miracles, show my friends I love them, etc. because I rely on my own ability to communicate without the aid of memes or passing on tear-jerking, guilt-producing junk that comes across my feed uninvited.

I have a good eye for scams, too. So I was skeptical when I read this, and passed it by the first few times I saw it. Then some close friends posted it, and finally, thinking I would be on the “safe side”, I copied it and put it up on my own wall. The message states that I don’t give FB permission to keep or use my personal information or pictures or any other content. That my stuff is my stuff, and they can’t have it.

As it turns out, that message, along with every other character I’ve typed and posted on FB, is all sitting together in a pile of data that I voluntarily have fed to Facebook over the entire time I have been a member, and I caused not one tiny ripple on the surface of calm that is the monolith of Facebook.

Why? To find that answer, please give me a show of hands.

  • Who read the FB Terms of Use? Or the revised Terms of Use?
  • Who clicked “I Agree to the Terms of Use”?
  • Who clicked without reading so you could hurry up and give away all your important information in exchange for inclusion?

If you read it and agreed, and understood it, this article is not for you. Thanks for reading!

If you didn’t read it, but agreed anyway, please continue reading, but you won’t like this.

The FB Terms of Use agreement, when boiled down, says that everything we post will be held by FB on their servers FOREVER, and they can mine our data and use it for their own purposes.

If you agreed and clicked, the fact is that, apart from infringement on previously copyrighted work, you could not take this to court and win a dispute over the rights to anything you have posted on Facebook.

Another fallacy found in the little statement above is the idea that FB only collects your pictures and your status updates. Remember, every keystroke is vulnerable to hackers because FB is not encrypted.

FB has a fearsome army of bots that are crawling over all of your pages, posts, pictures, comments on friends’ pages, Instant Messages, Chat, Live video, and more. You can be sure that from this they know everything about you – where you live, who your family is, the names and ages of you children, where they go to school, how they did on exams, where your mate works, what your preferences are, your sexual identity, your habits, your style, your purchases. In short, if you realized the extent of the invasion of your privacy that you agreed to, if you understood the picture they have constructed of your existence, you would be horrified. You should be!

Then there is the whole issue of Google, Twitter, SnapChat, Gab, Instagram, YouTube, Medium, etc., and many of these are connected with FB, or use FB credentials to log in. They share info.

Here’s another shocker:

Even the rooms I built that FB led me to believe were “safe” from the knowledge of others were not exempt from the data mining.

Ask yourself:

  • Did you think you were safe from anyone knowing about that medical condition you have in common with a secret, select few friends?
  • Did you copyright any of that poetry before you posted it in a private room you thought would hide your works until you were ready to reveal?
  • Did you know that FB knows all about that special gathering place for mothers of children with Autism? For sufferers of mental health issues? For gun collectors?
  • How about your MMJ Grow Room? Do you ever say anything that could incriminate you in a court of law?

FACT: FB records everything in every room and adds it to the pile of data they have on you.

That’s not all! Think about passwords to other applications you have used FB to access. Who guards that bridge? What about hackers who get into FB and steal your information? They are not bound by even the simple “gentleman’s agreement” that FB has so graciously proffered to its users. They can take it all! It happens every day! Attacks come from inside the USA and from all over the world.

All that data they have collected? It’s not just used to determine which ads you’d like to see. There are many future uses that await, things that we can’t imagine, but the plans are on the drawing board at Zuckerman’s headquarters.

Even if FB did not do anything nefarious with your data, it is very EASY TO HACK! So is Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram, and most other social media applications (we won’t even talk about Cortana and Siri right now, since this is article is about FB). In fact, even Amazon can be easily hacked, and with Google recording and parsing every keystroke you do if you have Gmail or Chrome, they can find out your clothing size, your address, your bank account, your electronic devices, what you search for, and what you like to read.

ARE YOU CONVINCED YET? Are you ready to start reducing your internet footprint? Or at least ready to start getting back some control over what you share about your own life? You need to wake up! You need to stop voluntarily feeding the beast!


What can you do?

  1. Start deleting all pictures of your children. Facial recognition is a real thing. Stalkers and pedophiles should not be allowed to see where your children live, where they go to school, if they are home alone, and all the other information you willingly share about their lives. Delete every reference to their names. If you must talk about your children, give them nicknames and tell your family not to call them by their real names on FB. EVER!
  2. Start deleting your own pictures and posts that are likely to give info that you would prefer not remain in the FB domain FOREVER!
  3. It’s best to leave FB altogether. If you don’t want to explain it to all your friends and family, then just delete all your content except the puppies and kittens and balloons, and then let your account sit for several months without visiting or posting. Let it lie dormant. Then go in and delete the rest of your content, and then delete your account. Do not simply deactivate it – DELETE IT. This will not get rid of all that FB has stored on you, but it will push it to the bottom of the pile so that your data doesn’t come up to the top of the search engines, but remains semi-hidden beneath a huge pile of daily accumulations of new data that other FB users are voluntarily sharing with Mr. Zuckerberg and his giant machine.


If you care about your safety, if you worry about being hacked, stalked, or doxed:  if you care about your data being collected and stored on FB servers FOREVER, I challenge you to locate a social platform that offers encryption, free social media, truly secret chat and hidden rooms, and NO TRACKING OR STORING YOUR DATA! For my safety and enjoyment, it is VITAL that my social platform that does all of these things.

All of these services are just part of the package, and the very foundation of Brax.Me ( Brax sets the new standard! Nothing else in the way of free social media can compete!


  1. Uses encryption so secure for daily operations, that even if someone “strong-armed” one message in a chat thread, it could not read the whole conversation!
  2. Makes available E2E encryption that even the owner/programmer/creator cannot read unless you give him the key. This means you can talk about ANYTHING and nobody can eavesdrop, and even if a warrant were served, nobody could testify to what you said because they can’t find out.
  3. Does not track your activity, or even save your chats! Once they are gone, they stay gone.
  4. Does not know anything about private, secret rooms that you create if you don’t tell them! You can make undiscoverable secret rooms that you populate by invitation only!
  5. Allows you to store your private data and keeps it private!
  6. Provides FREE social media accounts with 4G secure document storage space!
  7. Offers paid business accounts with all the data you wish to store and HIPPA compliant data security that hospitals can legally maintain for the privacy of their patients.

For all these reasons, and more, I have moved to Brax.Me – I read the Terms of Use and it was really short, easy to understand, and I gladly agreed to it.

The Cloud is NOT secure! I store my documents on BRAX. My data is secure on Brax.Me and this is the perfect solution to storing my webpages, personal documents, even my videos. I can store up to 4 Gigabytes of my data for FREE, or pay a fee if I wish to store even more!

I have created five rooms (some are secret), and one community, with plans for expanding! I have End-2-End encrypted chats with people and I know that there is no Man In The Middle listening in. They don’t record your private chats the way FB does.

In addition to SECURITY, I have FUN!! I am getting prepared to launch a radio show on KBRX Live Radio! I interact with other users on the radio station chats, and the broadcaster chats with everyone in the room! It’s an amazing, fun experience, and something I have not seen anywhere else!

If you have any questions, please come on over to Brax using the device of your choice. You can find Brax.Me in Google Play! Or you can log in on your laptop. You can find me on Brax as @PastoraC and visit my open room, Pastora Covert’s Place. You can find lots of rooms that you can join according to your interest. If you don’t find something you are looking for, you can create it yourself. Brax doesn’t use your preferences to feed you ads. You won’t find Google intruding, or FB suggesting things to you. You can’t follow or be followed, you simply join rooms or add users to your own room. You get notifications if you want them. You tailor your experience to suit your needs.

Finally, there’s a friendly helpful community on Brax.Me. People will welcome you and help you find your way around. There is a room designed for new people, free tech support, a tour that every new user should take, and a wide variety of services and tools that are at your disposal! I invite you to come and check it out! Come say hello to me, and I’ll help you learn how to navigate!

Brax.Me! Simple, clean, efficient, safe and FUN!

See you on Brax!