Battle Strategies – 2

A word on tormenting evil spirits.

A couple of nights ago my husband was helping me deal with a suicidal alter who came up and had to be restrained in a safe room (inside spiritual realm). We were able to see her delivered and set free, and Jesus ministered to her.

However, I had been receiving demonic suicidal attacks in this very vulnerable place for a week or so. These were coming from outside, since I have been delivered from this a long time ago.

As we were praying about this, I saw the demon and told my husband about it so he could rebuke it and send it away. My husband was so angry about the demon that attacked me that he tormented it before he told it to go. The surprise was that it was so tormented that it could not leave by itself! I had to sit and stare at it in all its ugly pain, bloody tortured face, and disgusting writhing until I finally told my husband that it couldn’t leave on its own.

We had to ask for Jesus to send angels to take them away. Two came and grabbed it under its arms and dragged it off. I’m sure it didn’t really take two angels, but it sure made me feel better to see it!

Just a word to the wise.