A Dog and her Bone

There are several ways to view a dog and her bone.

  1. The meat is gone but the memory lives on…
  2. The bone still has marrow in it for a while so the flavor and essence is there if she chews hard enough.
  3. It’s good for the dog’s teeth to chew on hard things!
  4. Dogs sometimes just need something to lick and worry.
  5. The dog buries her bone to hide it if there is a chance another dog may try to take it away
  6. Given the choice between the old bone and a fresh bone with meat on it, the dog will only temporarily discard the old dry bone in favor of the fresh one; eventually the new bone will be added to the collection.
  7. Our dog currently has four bones hanging around and any of them will do when she needs to lick and worry something.

From the examples just given, I’m asking you to discuss your own walk with Yeshua/Jesus. Don’t quote anyone else to answer; please use your own words.

Here are a few questions to help get you started:

  1. Would you miss Him if you took a day off from walking with Him? Do you know what that means experientially?
  2. Is it personal with you and Jesus? Or did you walk down a church aisle once and accept Christ and continue on from there unchanged?
  3. Do you live vicariously through others’ experiences with Him, only wishing that you could know Him like they seem to?
  4. Do you know what it means to have intimacy with Him?
  5. Overlooking for a moment the “omnipotence thing”, do you feel like He “gets” you? Really understands you?
  6. Do you love Him so much that you are dying to please Him? Would you do anything He asked of you?

There’s a sweet story I heard once about a father and daughter:

The daughter had a string of plastic pearls and she loved them so much that she wore them every day, to school, in the bath, to church, even to bed. One night, as was his usual habit, the father came to say prayers with his little girl, kiss her good night and tuck her into bed. But on one particular night, he then asked her if she loved him. She said of course she did. He then asked her to give him her string of plastic pearls. She became serious and said “you know I love you Daddy but I can’t give you my pearls”. He said okay, kissed her on the cheek, told her he loved her, and said good night, as usual.

The next night it was the same. He asked for her pearls, and she said she loved him but she just couldn’t give him her plastic pearls. Each night she became more and more uncomfortable with the questions – Do you love me? Will you give me your pearls? – until one night she finally gave in. With tears, she lifted the well-worn plastic pearl necklace over her head and handed it to her daddy: “yes, I love you Daddy. I will give you my pearls.”

Then Daddy did the most unexpected thing – with one hand he accepted the plastic pearl necklace she gave him, and with the other hand, he gave her a shiny new necklace with beautiful, delicate and real pearls. She hugged her daddy with great joy, all sadness forgotten. She beamed with happiness as he draped the beautiful string of pearls over her head and tucked her in. That night’s prayers were especially wonderful, and daddy kissed her, told her he loved her, tucked her into bed and said good night.

  1. Do you know your Abba/Daddy? Do you know how much He desires to take away the fakery and give you something real and beautiful and lasting? Can you identify any fakery you have been accepting as a substitute for the real presence of Jesus Christ?

Bless you with the blessings of Christ, with all love and peace in the Holy Spirit to the glory of God the Father. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say.