Jesus ALWAYS Wins!

Many years ago, there was a (Broadway?) musical called: Your Arm’s Too Short to Box with God. I never saw the musical, but the title made a deep impression on me.

Many years before that, someone wrote a book called: Run to the Roar! I never read the book, but again, the title made a deep impression on me. It doesn’t matter who wrote it, the message is not defiled or inaccurate just because a flawed human wrote it. If we get caught up in analyzing and condemning the messenger, we may lose the message.

Here’s what I got out of these two messages:

  1. God is very strong, and you can’t defeat Him. Of course, the fact that He is strong is also coupled with the fact that he is devastatingly gentle with us even in our foolishness. He is our Good Shepherd. He has a rod (for correction of sheep and protection from predators) and a staff (for leading the sheep and preventing them from taking unsafe detours), and He gave us the choice as to which method we prefer for staying on the path to Life.
  2. Though the enemy comes to you like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, though he climbs over the garden wall to kill the lambs instead of coming through the main gate, he will not succeed. Jesus will not lose a single one of His own, whom the Father has given to Him.
  3. Because of His lavish love, we also know He protects us. Because we know He protects us, we know that no matter what the enemy threatens to do to us, our lives are hidden in Christ, and JESUS ALWAYS WINS!!!

To break it down even further:

JESUS can never fail! He can never lie to you! He always loves you, and He is always working things in your life to try to draw you to Him and toward life!!

So, to put it in shorthand – I mean to make it really accessible, just write this in lipstick on your mirror and look at it every day!