Dream – Shelter

My dream showed a group of people sitting around a large table having a council, and I was their leader (spiritual) and healer, and helping guide them. But I was lacking something I really needed, and we seemed to be at a standstill, not knowing how to proceed. The atmosphere was gloomy. I knew we had to make a decision whether to move out to shelter in place.

I saw map of US again (reference to other dreams I have had over past 4 decades). Arrows pointing upward from the south, splitting the nation into four parallel sections. I saw different paths we could take to the different sectors, and we were discussing this at the table, but we lacked some kind of technology. We had hired a man to come and help with something technical that we could not do, and as he sat at the table with us, we asked him to join us, and he consented. We were glad to have him, because he was worth having, but we needed to know more.

I went walking up a dusty path in the little village we were staying in and an old (Eastern) Indian lady was walking slowly up the path. As I caught up to her, I greeted her. I called her Mother, a sign of respect in her culture, and because I knew she was an elder in Christ. I confided in her that although it was my task to lead these people. I was not yet able, that something was missing and I needed help.

She stopped walking and faced me with love. She raised her right arm, and I noticed that she had on a beautiful ivory bracelet that was made of squares that were carved on the back so they would interlink. Each piece had a symbol on it, though I could not remember the symbols.

I had a number of square ivory pieces too, but they would not link because they had not yet been carved on the back so they could interlink. All of my ivory squares had symbols on them as well, and each one meant something in terms of healing, gifting, calling and character.

The old woman took off her bracelet, removed four squares, and gave them to me. She blessed me, and said she would help me. I was filled with great peace.

After that, I heard “shelter in place”. By this I knew that our company was not to try to take any of the paths to any of the four sectors I saw, but that we were to stay where we were, and so we began to repair things and dig in.

We had a generator that was not working, so there was no light. I decided to tackle that first. I had to work mostly in the dark, with a very dim headlamp, for a while but I took the generator apart and found the broken part, and fixed it. Then I put it back together and fired it up and then we had light. And when the lights came on I found many people already working and helping and I was amazed.

I also was shown a large vending machine that someone had already put coins in to pay for a blanket inside. The machine next to it was full and had blankets with other items wrapped up inside – seeming more valuable than what was in the vending machine with just the blanket. I wasn’t going to take it, but I heard that I needed to push the button until the blanket came out, so I did, and I retrieved the blanket from the slot.

Then I returned to the room where people were working and I saw them folding blankets similar to the one I brought with me, and they were folding clothing and towels and other items – and this was in preparation for people who would be coming in need of help.

Again I heard, “repair what you have and shelter in place”.

This dream is prophetic. It is a culmination of dreams from my entire life and it involves my “inside” (spiritual realm/my alters) and outside (physical realm). I have always been shown that I would spiritually lead and heal and help a group of people during a very dark time in our country’s future.

The bracelet represented me receiving healing enough for me to be able to see inside and allow the Lord to help get it in order so that every part works properly. The ivory bracelet sections the old lady gave me were the pieces I needed to make a whole bracelet for myself. But I needed to figure out how to carve the backs of my own ivory squares so they would interlock with each other and with the pieces she gave me. I think the interlocking parts represent my alters.

The part of the dream that relates to the physical realm is the fact that the Lord showed me darkness spreading over the US from the south and splitting us into four parallel segments. I have been having dreams about this darkness coming for forty years. It seems it is coming from everywhere below our border – the water and the land – and it is dividing the land. But I also saw earthquake and fire split the land in three places prior to this. So this is new – something more.

And in the dream, once more, I was the spiritual leader, adviser and healer, but I needed healing and help in order to be effective and able to do what the Lord commissioned me to do. This is real. This is what I was born to do.

My husband and I have been praying constantly about what to do, and by this dream, the Lord answered our question about what we should do right now. That is to fix everything that is broken, to just shelter “in place”, and wait on him. He will bring the people needed when the time comes.

In the dream we were not “prepping” to just take care of ourselves and our own. We were preparing for people to come to us and we were getting ready to help them.

I am looking at the micro as well as the macro view, and there have been many dreams. I have tested them all against His word and to see if they fit with His character and nature as I understand these. I am constantly asking Jesus to show us exactly where to be and what to do.